At the practice we offer all the veterinary care your pet may need; from the initial examination and advice offered in the consulting room through to complex diagnostic and surgical procedures.

Because veterinary care is not necessarily your pet’s favourite pastime, we do all that we can to make visiting us and taking treatments pleasurable, or rather, as least stressful, as we possibly can! If your pet gets particularly worried about visiting us, please let us know. We will do everything that we can to help ease any tension. To that end, where possible, we aim to provide easy to administer, tasty and palatable medication, to make treatments more amenable!

We aim to consistently provide this caring service throughout your pet’s life e.g. puppy or kitten checks, neutering, dental care and advice for the older pet. We also welcome each of the many other wonderful and varied pets that are part of our lives

Our extensive facilities include our very own laboratory for rapid blood results, further diagnostic equipment includes ultrasound machines, endoscopy, E.C.G. and digital radiography equipment, for both our small animal patients and our horse ones too! This means that we are able to diagnose a wide range of problems and are able to gain of full picture of overall health, quickly. If your pet should ever need to be hospitalised we have separate dog and cat wards, to further reduce anxiety at the practice. A dedicated isolation room has been built, to separate our more poorly patients.

Our surgical theatre provides a more sterile environment for procedures such as neutering and lump removals as well as more complex soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

We have a fully equipped dental suite where we we can provide for all your pets dental needs, as well as an integrated bath-table where we can groom and bathe your pet.

And Finally…

We are very proud of our practice. If you would like a tour of the practice, to have a look around and see where your pet may go after reception, please ask, and will make you an appointment. As you will appreciate, due to the nature of our work, it is not always convenient to perform a tour. We will however strive to do this wherever possible.