Please note that Dogs and Rabbits are not affected – please call 02380 620607 to book a booster appointment as usual.

For cats, unfortunately, due to a combination of Covid restrictions and a huge surge in cat ownership across the world there is now a global shortage of core cat vaccines.

Regular cat boosters will be delayed for 2-3 months, within which time we hope that supplies will be more stable. In the event that supplies are still delayed further, we will offer an amnesty for any vaccinations that require a restart to boost immunity, so there will be no financial penalty.

What can you do to help our team?

???? If your cat is due a annual vaccination, we will inform you when we are able to resume routine boosters

???? If your pet is on a health plan and you currently have health concerns, please call to book an appointment for a health check as part of your membership

???? If your pet is well but you require parasite treatments, please petsApp (see below) or email your order to us. Please allow 24hrs before collection

???? If you have a new kitten, please keep them indoors until they are able to be protected from a course of vaccinations

???? Know that we are working really hard and are doing our best

???? Keep updated by downloading petsApp, visiting our website and on facebook

Thank you for your understanding at this time!



We’ve received a few queries regarding how things might change next week at Riverside.

Our priority during the pandemic has always been to ensure we continue to deliver a 24 hour service to all of our patients and clients.

Being an independent veterinary practice has enabled us to make quick decisions and be able to be flexible and adapt to the changing circumstances.

We decided very early on that Riverside Vets would make the difficult decision not to allow clients into the consulting rooms to ensure we protected our team, our clients and did all that we could to ensure we could sustain our 24 hour emergency care.   

Whilst some of our team are now double vaccinated, many are not yet.

Riverside Vets team and clients will be invited to wear masks when in the building, we are sure you will understand this decision as unmasked would mean that if a client later had a positive test result the practice could potentially be left under staffed based on the track and trace guidelines with having to isolate.

Vet consultations shall continue to take place in the waiting area.

We will be as we have been, continually monitoring the situation on a weekly basis and let our clients know of any changes.

Once again, thank you for your continued understanding and support during this very difficult time.



You can now contact us directly using PetsApp. You will be able to communicate with our team during working hours.

Download now free from the app store or google play. Download now and start talking to us. Click link:


Start exploring, please remember to turn on your notifications so you don’t miss us replying to you.

????   Order repeat prescriptions

????   Book appointments

????   Order flea & worm products

????  Need us to look at a lump or bump on your pet, send us a photo and ask our team about it?

 ????  Want to check up on your pet when they are staying with us for surgery/post operation?

Simply ask on PetsApp and one of our clinical team will reply with an update.

No concern is too small, don’t hesitate to send us a message, a photo or book an appointment.

Thank you so much for your support, patience and understanding at this unprecedented time.

Urgent/emergencies please always call us 02380 620607