Pet Insurance and making claims

“Riverside Vets recommend that all animals have insurance where possible. “

Pet insurance is designed to ease the financial burden when faced with treating a health condition in your pet.
There are an abundance of pet insurance companies in the UK so we recommend you take some time to understand what different providers offer.

We can introduce you to with your new puppy or kitten on the day of their first examination. In return can offer you 4 weeks FREE insurance cover if you accept their Terms and Conditions within 24 hours.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to settle your account with us, then reclaim the fees from your insurance company, we will endeavour to assist to reclaim monies from the insurance company by completing an insurance form or by online submission, as promptly as possible. A small administration fee is charged for this. Should you wish for the insurance company to settle with the practice directly, for costs greater than £250.00, prior agreement with the practice must be sought. The administration fee and your insurance excess are made payable to Riverside Vets prior to your claim being completed.
You remain responsible for all charges not covered by the insurance company, or if the claim is refused settlement.