Veterinary Consultations

We offer spacious 15 minute consultation slots, and offer both veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse appointments 6 days a week. For our Riverside Pet Community clients, we offer free UNLIMITED Vet and Nurse consultations*

Our consultation services are as varied as the pets we see…

From the routine…



Emptying of anal glands

Dental hygiene

Claw clipping

Beak clipping

Blood sampling

Post operative care

Preventative product administration/advice

Health Checks

Passport paperwork


…To the less routine…

Examination of acute illness

Examination of chronic illness

Examination of accidental injury/ingestion

Examination/Treatment of parasite burden

Examination/Treatment of allergies

Pregnancy / pregnancy complications

…The lists are endless!

Some problems require further insight than consultations.

From consultation room to further tests, we are able to perform a wide range of services; all of our equipment is based on site. Often, consultations are the first portal in the process of treating a problem or performing a procedure.

We have State of the Art equipment and an experienced team available to assist in rapid diagnosis and treatment.